With a satellite phone you can stay connected no matter where you are on the planet.

With Iridium's network your devices are backed by the only communications solution that spans the entire globe. This means that no matter where you are on the planet you can count on getting a good strong signal; guaranteed! Iridium's devices have been proven in the lab and also in the field by customers and that is why Iridium's global communications solution is literally second to none! You can rest assured that the world reknowned quality and reliability of Iridium's network will give you top notch performance day in and day out when exploring, traveling, or even just working in a remote office off of the grid.

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Iridium Extreme

A rugged satphone with more features and accessories than ever before!

When working, travelling, or exploring off of the grid it is important to stay connected. With the Iridium Extreme you have a quality satphone that has been tested through and through worldwide.

It can simply keep you connected for work, keep you in touch with family, or give you a critical lifeline. Also, since it runs on Iridium's network, you are connected globally from pole to pole!

The Iridium Extreme was engineered with ruggedness in mind which is military grade so it can be utilized within some of the most extreme environments and situations while still continuing to adhere to the conformance of Iridium's highest standards.

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Iridium Extreme product image - Apollo SatCom

Iridium 9555

A compact and rugged satphone that is powerful and small enough to fit in any pack conveniently!

The Iridium 9555 is powerful but also compact. With the smaller form factor it fits comfortably in your hand. It is also small enough to fit in any pack leaving plenty of room.

On top of being compact, the Iridium 9555 is also powerful. It is built with the same quality features that customers have come to expect from Iridium products for decades!

Just like most of Iridium devices, the Iridium 9555 is rugged. It will stand up to anything mother nature can throw at it and keep you can remain safe with your critical lifeline!

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Iridium GO!

Turns your cell phone into a satphone!
Iridium GO! Product Image - Apollo SatCom

Leverages and extends your existing trusted devices and is compatible with Apple and Android operating systems.


The Iridium GO! is built to withstand the harshest conditions and still keep you safe, connected, and in touch.

Iridium GO! Product Image - Apollo SatCom

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and tough enough to withstand rain, sand, dust and rough use. You can take it anywhere!

Built-in SOS

The SOS button on the Iridium GO! is fully customizeable and built right into the rugged build of the device.

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Iridium GO! Pricing

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  • 10 Data Minutes

  • 10 Voice Minutes

  • 10 SMS

  • $1.69/min Voice

  • $0.99/min Data

  • $0.25 Text




  • 75 Data Minutes

  • 75 Voice Minutes

  • 75 SMS

  • $1.49/min Voice

  • $0.79/min Data

  • $0.15 Text